Testimonial Extracts

Following are extracts of testimonials that provide an overview of the positive impact on individual businesses after the incorporation of STONEGRILL.

Windaroo Cottage Restaurant - Australia.
"We are pleased to report that business is booming thanks to Stonegrill . Prior to taking up the Stonegrill franchise our trade was very irregular due to us being a little way out of town and relying to much on local support. Thanks mainly to Stonegrill our business has nearly doubled and our quality is easier to control. The kitchen works easier and quicker and kitchen costs have been reduced. Better still is the satisfaction of the Diner with the product"....

Old Mundulla Hotel - Australia
"I installed Stonegrill in November of 1999. My business has completely turned around. I can't believe the difference. My figures have almost doubled and at times tripled and my customer return is incredible. The most common comment by nearly everyone is 'that was fantastic, we will be back' ( and they are - regularly ). We are pleasing 97% of our customers ( the other 3% can never be pleased! ).
I am extremely happy with Stonegrill and it's system as it has now secured the future of the hotel"...

Stonegrill Makati -  Philippines
"I was in Taipei when I experienced my first Stonegrill meal. It made such an impression on me that when I got back to Manila I got my friends together and share with them my memories of that dinner. Before I knew it, we all flew to Australia and ate in the original restaurant where Stonegrill was perfected. Everybody agreed: Yes, we would bring this dining experience to Manila!"....

Port Kembla Leagues Club - Australia
"I sincerely believe that the newly found success at the renovated Leagues club can be fully attributed to the inclusion of Stonegrill Dining at the restaurant. In fact Stonegrill has generally helped the club with increased patronage, membership and wine sales; apparently the best figures in years. It is extremely likely that a second Stonegrill system will be needed very soon to keep up with demand on busy nights.
What makes it so good for me is seeing return business as well as diners new to the Stonegrill concept enjoying their meals. With Stonegrill we can guarantee the quality of our product at all times.
Again Howard I would like to thank you for helping me turn around a business that was failing and for enabling me to bring the best Dining concept to the residents of the Illawarra".

The Village Grill - Hawaii
"Ever since we started this concept in the month of October 1999 it definitely sparked the curiosity of our local community. We have people actually searching our restaurant out because of the Stonegrill. Visitors are totally surprised that we have a Stonegrill restaurant in Hawaii and yes we are the FIRST!!
Village Grill Restaurant has been opened for almost 2 years now. And can you believe our profit margin has increased in the last 2 months ( since Stonegrill was introduced) more than ever before.
Howard we are excited of how simple this system is in operating. Labour cost is down, Food cost is down, but more importantly revenues are UP!!
We are truly thankful in the efficiency and professionalism that has come forth from you and your staff.

Madisons Restaurant - Australia
"We introduced Stonegrill with a view to increasing our turnover by 20%. This was achieved in the first three months. We have established a group of clientele who come especially for Stonegrill only on a regular basis, for some it's their regular dine out treat. A lot of new members have been introduced to the licensed club through Stonegrill dining. As we have an exclusive Stonegrill license area agreement for the Tuggernong Valley.
Stonegrill has done for our business what we wanted it to and I am sure when we unleash it and let it go, it will increase to at least 50% of our turnover. We introduced a second system within six months of purchasing the first system"....

The Spinnaker Stonegrill & Bar - Australia
"Stonegrill has contributed to increasing annual turnover by around 60%. We planned to gently ease Stonegrill in to complement the a la carte' menu. But it took off immediately and since that time, Stonegrill has consistently continued to comprise 75%-90% of all restaurant meals"....

The Stonegrill - Hong Kong
"We opened the first Stonegrill Restaurant at one of the most difficult times in the history of Hong Kong's economy. But we started to become profitable since the second month of operation. We surprised the industry. We became famous for our immediate success. We are going to open the second shop in December 99, and  the third and fourth one are under planning".....

Viking Stonegrill Restaurant - Australia
"The speed and service is unbelievable. We had a group of eight dining and one arrived very late as the others started their mains. It took us thirty seconds to serve him with his steak. This kind of top quality service would not be possible without the Stonegrill method".
"Chefs who have had a look at my kitchen can't believe what they see, both how little space the Stonegrill oven takes and how easily Stonegrill dishes are prepared"....

The Strathmore Hotel - Australia
"Since the introduction of Stonegrill our restaurant turnover has increased by 50%. In eleven months we experienced a specific growth in every month compared with the previous year ranged from a minimum increase of 18%, to 44%, 46%, 49%".
"We find the Stonegrill items not to be as price sensitive as other traditional items, allowing us to enjoy a higher profitability on Stonegrill".
"Stonegrill gave our restaurant the rejuvenation it needed after trading for 10 years. We enjoy the fact that we offer a unique product which is easy to manage".
"Perhaps the best testimony we can offer is that having purchased a first system in April, demand forced us to purchase another only two months later"....

Junction Inn Hotel - Australia
"It has now been six months since we introduced Stonegrill Dining at the Junction Inn Hotel. I am very pleased to report that the reaction from customers to this new style of dining has been fantastic! The Stonegrill offers a quick, healthy and relaxed style of dining. Thanks to you Howard and your professional attitude in training both us and our staff, the Stonegrill has improved our Bistro tremendously and I can only commend you on this"....

Novotel Bangna Hotel - Thailand
"Well it is about 9 days we are officially running Stonegrill and the feedback has been very good. The average check is up compared from last month to date and up on budget for 99"....

Barkly's Stonegrill Restaurant - Australia
"This was the best decision we could have made and our business has gone from strength to strength. To anyone considering purchasing a Stonegrill license the only advise we can give is, if you want to have a successful restaurant don't hesitate"....

Ruby In The Dust - New Zealand
"My original interest in Stonegrill was formed because I was looking to save wage costs in my restaurant kitchen and Stonegrill seemed to be the ideal way to do that. However, as I found out more about the Stonegrill concept I realised that there was far more to recommend it other than cost saving. Stonegrill was relatively cheap to implement and was able to be incorporated into my kitchen with minimal fuss. My chefs, although at first sceptical, became very fast and firm friends of both the system and the quality of meals that they could produce at speed.
We look forward to Stonegrill as the way of the future for healthy and tasty dining"....

The Furama Central Hotel - Australia
"The Events Hotel for Sydney - specialises in Stonegrill because we've found no matter where people come from they all enjoy the taste. JB's Bar & Grill, is famous for it's sizzling Stonegrill steaks and cooling ales"....

Glenorchy Hotel - New Zealand
"The Glenorchy Hotel initially implemented the Stonegrill Dining Experience to enable us to meet the high summer demand for quick nutritious meals. We are a small country hotel and run a one chef kitchen, however due to the nature of our area and the visitors coming through Glenorchy we can have large groups of people arriving unexpectantly. I'm pleased to say with Stonegrill any trained member of the staff can step in and serve a quality Stonegrill meal without the assistance of the Chef at anytime"....

Hyatt Regency - Australia
"It's the Stonegrill which is making the news. Guests cook their own choice of food to suit their own taste. In the Bistro and Bar, 70% of all meals served are Stonegrill"....

Wentel Hotel - Australia
"Customer acceptance and reaction to the Stonegrill has been excellent. Liquor sales per cover have also risen by 40% as our Stonegrill customers now include a higher proportion of more affluent patrons and the serving staff take more covers, have more time to serve drinks and earn better tips". "Last month our food cost was 26% and kitchen wages 21% - down 11"....

Stonegrill Restaurants- Malaysia
"I was introduced to this healthy style of cooking in Australia. When I visited my sister three years ago, she took me to a Stonegrill restaurant. At first I was sceptical about the product. I mean, cooking on a stone?
The following year when I went back, I realised that they had expanded from two outlets to 20. I figured this was a good business venture, and bought the Stonegrill franchise for Malaysia and Singapore".

The Peppinella Inn - Australia
"Just a short note to thank you for looking after us so well at the installation of our Stonegrill system. Our night time dining has increased considerably; it is so amazing how much difference Stonegrill has made at the Peppinella"....

The Renmark Hotel - Australia
"The Renmark Hotel's Stonegrill Restaurant recently received the Banrock Station Big River Country 1999 Award for 'Restaurants'. We are very proud of our achievements and stonegrill is certainly exceeding our expectations'.....

All of the above testimonial extracts are available in their entirety.

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